lying to children


what do ants carry?
their souls on their back

what can i carry?
just as much as you pack.

why’s the sky blue?
it’s reflecting the sea.

why am i here?
you were given to me.

"The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things."
— Rainer Maria Rilke

ghent, belgium

—we climb the belfry tower for free, hundreds of steps, and look out over the city. there are too many churches, it’s too beautiful. “cut it out, ghent,” our friend jokes. he’s half-serious.
—after glazed donuts, kara power-naps in the library while i read virginia woolf.
—everyone we’ve met so far is older than us and seems to have just quit their job. they say things like “i’m here because of the stock market” or “i can’t stand to do anything but travel.”
—the bar looks like the movies: a single lamp bulb over the pool table, illuminating the yellow ball like a sun in a green sky.
—i drink four beers (pay for only one) and kara guides me home; the illuminated disc of the clock tower shivers against the sky.
—the beer we drink is made by monks and lights up beautifully against a candle.

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portrait (xlxi)

she is traveling europe in perfect clothes and perfect eyeliner, and as we sit four to a doorstep, spilling ketchup and crunching fries, she keeps herself pristine. she walks very slowly behind us, because, as she says, she is a person who needs time to absorb everything, everywhere she goes.

#portrait#description#summer 2014
"I have loved you all my life
she told him and it was true
in the same way that all her life
she drank, dedicated to the act itself,
she stood at this stove
and with the care of the very drunk
handed him the plate."
— Lynn Emanuel
#emanuel#lynn emanuel#quotes
Anonymous: wow! what were your subjects? (and which subjects?) congratulations, that sounds lovely!

thanks so much!x
i took english lit hl, bio hl, math sl, art sl, history hl and french a sl. so glad to be done with it all; now i can enjoy my summer :)

Anonymous: Congrats on being done with the Ib! How many points did you get? :)

thanks! i got a bilingual diploma with 45 points

officially finished with the ib forever (results came out today)
leaving tomorrow for belgium—now two months of glorious summer and sun and sam and kara (during which, if all goes well, i won’t be posting much/at all)
and then in september, princeton here i come!

#ib#2014#FINISHED FINISHED#summer#princeton

bitch bitch bitch


strip off my clothing
of hate and self loathing
that makes me itch/scratch&twitch.
give blanket praise
on my ugliest days
and pretend you are glad
(not stark staring mad)
to have fallen in love with a bitch.

"How lovely it is that there are words and sounds. Are not words and sounds rainbows and illusive bridges between things which are eternally apart?"
— Friedrich Nietzsche
Anonymous: please don't go :(

aw, i’m not considering it any time soon! i don’t think i’ve said anything about it haha, just that i’ll be posting less. don’t worry x

Anonymous: Do you think you'll ever leave tumblr? </3

i think i’ll be posting less and less over the next few months/years, starting now, but i’m pretty attached to this blog because it’s been like a journal to me for two years now, and also because i’ve met so many cool people on here. if i ever ‘leave’, it’ll just be me making my blog private or something. x

(i just got back from a spectacular 10 days with sam in england/wales)

#sam#i love him i love him
"Love consists of this: two solitudes that meet, protect and greet each other."
— Rainer Maria Rilke
i was kidding in my last post, &#8220;electric impression&#8221; is a fridge-magnet poem that sam and i made with his woefully incomplete and scrappy poetry magnet set. we&#8217;re pretty proud - at least it rhymes ;)

i was kidding in my last post, “electric impression” is a fridge-magnet poem that sam and i made with his woefully incomplete and scrappy poetry magnet set. we’re pretty proud - at least it rhymes ;)

#sam#poem#fridge magnets#magnet poetry